About Me

Enzo Mastroianni (aka Mac Man), Owner/DJ, music fanatic, first fueled his passion for music in his teens with a car stereo that humbled many on the streets of Vancouver! With a vast personal music collection, a few pieces of equipment and some business cards at the age of 20 he started deejaying part time while working and going to school. He owned one of the first DJ companies in Vancouver in the 90s to spin cds! He has never looked back after he played his first song at his first party! 

He lives by one rule in the company; deejaying is anything but work for him! Once deejaying becomes a job he plans to retire! Having fun is paramount when it comes to entertaining people! For the record, he is far from retirement! 

After more than 20 years in business he has collected a lot more music, has traded in his cds for a Mac, purchased enough equipment to power a small city, played in every venue throughout Vancouver and of course continues to mix memories with music for his clients with each party he plays! He is now one of the top entertainers of his craft in the mobile music industry!

Servicing Metro Vancouver, Enzo will go above and beyond to make your party a success!

© Enzo Mastroianni 2012